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Recieve regular updates regarding the gold and silver market.

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Buying Gold and Silver online is quick, simple and secure. 

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You will be assigned your own account manager, who will guide you through the process.

Exit Strategy

To assist you in getting the best price for your bullion we offer various options for selling.

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Fast Turn Around Time!

I recently purchased some graded gold coins. This was during the Covid-19 time frame when physical metals supply saw significant demand and supply shortages.

Luxe Asset Global quoted that I would receive my coins in roughly 2-4 weeks due to the pandemic and slow downs in supply chains, however I was surprised when they showed up in about a week.

Luxe Asset Global was fast and efficient when doing business with them and I will be buying more from them soon.

Efficient and Quality
The team are efficient with timely responses and have a great quality of service. Any queries were answered promptly. Will continue you give Luxe Asset Global my business.

Why buy Graded coins?

Graded coins are certified to be authentic and in a specific condition. Because of this, one can purchase graded coins with peace of mind knowing exactly what they are getting. In addition, graded coins are very secure and protected following the encapsulation process. This process will help keep your coins in great condition for many years to come. The grading process also can give one the best idea of real market value for a coin. While some companies may have a slightly different process, what we have outlined here is a good general outline of the grading process.

Refer A Friend And Receive £100

For each person you refer who signs up to work with us, we pay a referral fee of £100. You can have this fee in cash, have us donate it to a charity you care about, or apply it as credit towards a future bullion item with us

Minimum order £2000

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our knowledgeable and friendly team on 0800 001 6364