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Silver was the first metal used as currency more than 4,000 years ago when Silver ingots were used in trading. When you purchase Silver, you are buying an asset valued since ancient times. Recognised innately by humans as valuable, Silver has always been a viable investment and commodity.

There is a finite amount of Silver in the world, Silver’s relative purchasing power tends to remain stable. Silver prices do fluctuate, but they generally move independently of the stock market. If you want a stable investment that can protect your purchasing power long term, consider buying Physical Silver.

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100g Silver Bar

100 gram, brand new silver bar, manufactured by LBMA approved refiner. Sealed in original mint packaging for guarantee of authenticity.

2016 2oz Silver Queen’s Beast Lion

The Lion of England is the first in the series of the 10 Queens Beasts taking inspiration from centuries of royal heraldry. The Lion is taken from Richard I “The Lionheart” coat of arms after his reputation as a great military leader.