1oz 24k Gold American Buffalo - Varied Years






This USA Buffalo 1oz Gold Coin features an American buffalo which is a visual representation of the bison named Black Diamond who, in the 1900s, lived in the Central Park Zoo, New York City.

The obverse of the coin features a rendition of James Earle Fraser’s acclaimed ‘Buffalo Nickel’ design of an American Indian in profile originally minted in 1913.

The American Buffalo coin is a 24-carat bullion coin first offered for sale by the United States Mint on June 22, 2006. For the first time in its history, the US Mint was commissioned to offer investors around the world the opportunity to purchase a 999.9 gold bullion coin. The coin, also known as a gold buffalo, was authorized by Congress in 2005 with the Presidential $1 Coin Act which delegated the production of a one-ounce 24-carat gold bullion coin with a face value of $50 and a mintage limit of up to 300,000 coins. Gold Buffaloes are among the world’s purest gold coins guaranteed by the US government to contain the full weight of the precious metal.